MPHASIS Consultancy

We offer project and production advisory services to companies and individuals who wish to bring their international film or tv projects to the US, or vice versa. We also advise international foundations and government institutions on a range of subjects related to the Entertainment Industry in the US. 

Project Consultancy:
-    Script Development (script notes, tailoring your foreign script to meet ‘Hollywood standards’, or vice versa)
-    Film/TV Project Strategy
-    Connecting you/your project to relevant contacts
-    Facilitate co-productions / contacts between Europe & US

Local Production Advise (US / the Netherlands):
-    Requirements for local film or tv production in the US or Holland (permits, visa, unions..)
-    Info on locations, equipment rental, crew and other production needs
-    Basic info on local incentives

-    Advise to international foundations/ government institutions on variety of film/ media related topics (US film industry, US film schools, film festivals, Entertainment contacts..) 
-    Guest Lecturing at Film Schools (Producing & Development classes)
-    Moderation of panels/meetings